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“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” Aristotle

Our focus at ITC is to deliver customized high-quality practical solutions to our customers. Investigating and evaluating the challenges our customers are facing and building a perfect solution for them. This solution should be able to ensure maintenance optimization, it should encompass all aspects of reliability and lifetime optimization. 

Knowledge sharing is a key priority thereby ensuring continuous growth and higher effectiveness, with not only sustaining the system but always striving to ensure more effective management of assets, lifetime optimization, and overall highly cost-effectiveness.

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Training services

Transformer basics – 4 parts

  • Maintenance and reliability
  • Chemical, mechanical and electrical forces in the transformer
  • Basic tests and interpretation
  • The maintenance and filtration process – quality criteria
  • Oil sampling – what to watch out for
  • Oil Analysis – Choosing the testing facility

Group training

Customised to your needs, building the knowledge base required by your work environment.

Knowledge vault

Various short articles available to expand your personal knowledge on various topics regarding transformers, maintenance, reliability etc.

“If you love your work, you’ll be out there every day trying to do it the best you possibly can, and pretty soon everybody will catch the passion you – like a fever.”
- Sam Walton

Staying on top of the latest developments in the field of transformers and all that goes with that. A lot of research helps us to more clearly see the complete picture, fitting the pieces of the puzzle together, only with the complete picture would you be able to provide a practical and sustainable solution to the problem.


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Our services are focused on optimized asset management criteria identification and creating a custom-made solution package about all relevant aspects of asset management and the practical application of these criteria to individual customers to deliver an all-encompassing solution for their maintenance profile.


Knowledge is power. We strive to assist the industry in building a technical knowledge base to empower the key maintenance personnel to make informed decisions during the maintenance process and the application of the quality criteria needed to ensure a reliable reticulation network.

Database setup & maintenance

The Key Performance Indicators for a specific customer is identified through an analytical process. All the data for the KPI’s are logged on the system, building a reference and control over assets. This will ensure easy access to all data and inspections of units, especially for insurance policies as well as maintenance control system.  This can include cost analysis, visual inspections, oil analysis data, electrical testing data, infrared scanning, oil test certificates, repairs, and maintenance.

On-site maintenance and repairs

We pride ourselves on the best quality maintenance and repair services. These services are strictly monitored and are done according to stringent quality controlled procedures, ensuring that you are getting the maintenance you paid for and a bit more. It all starts with taking a 100% representative oil sample, efficient storage, and delivery to an oil testing facility that meets all the quality criteria. An in-depth analysis of the data ensures the correct maintenance action is taken and delivers the most cost-efficient solution to your company. The asset maintenance evaluation and planning will ensure overall improvement of the health of your fleet, thereby improving reliability. 

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