The Health Index rating of power utility assets has become somewhat of a buzz-word. We will take some time to evaluate this phenomenon and the practical value to the industry.  
The Health Index is used by industry to describe asset health status and then through this determines the asset management actions that need to be implemented to maintain or improve status. The Health Index Indicators need to be a snapshot visual indication of the condition of the transformer fleet. Easy to understand and interpret. 
It’s important to be realistic with the formulation – use data that is readily available. Take into account practical limitations on obtaining data. The parameters chosen to establish the actual Health Index can have an enormous influence on the actual end result, choosing incorrect parameters or parameter weight ( how much a certain parameter constitute the final result) can result in incorrect Health Index Identification, resulting in false confidence in the network or unnecessary maintenance cost. 
In part II we will have a look at the factors that need to be taken into account.

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